CVAC System

The Cyclic Variations in Adaptive Conditioning™ (CVAC™) process is a patent-pending methodology that applies rhythm-based changes to pressure, temperature and air. It works within the natural / breathable atmosphere and does not employ chemical or nitrogen / oxygen separators to manipulate concentration of oxygen. A unique high-performance altitude simulator is required to deliver the CVAC process in timed exposures called CVAC sessions.

During a CVAC session, an individual is comfortably seated in the CVAC pod™. Using proprietary patterned sequences, pressure is increased and decreased to simulate low altitudes and high altitudes. As pressure increases, the volume of oxygen in the air naturally increases—air is ‘thicker,’ and warmer. As pressure decreases, the volume of oxygen in the air naturally diminishes—air is ‘thinner,’ and cooler. We hypothesize that these changes stimulate an individual’s natural adaptation response to environment. The experience is unique to the individual.

Twenty minute sessions in the chamber provides noticeable results.

The CVAC system is the best form of effortless physical conditioning. It stimulates and works various parts of the body, while the body is seemingly at rest. The experience of the CVAC session is extremely relaxing and stress free. Overall, patients love the CVAC once they begin sessions. For a complete list of prices and in depth information, call or visit us. Dr. Suarez will demonstrate how the CVAC operates, while explaining the health benefits of the process.  There are very few of this licensed machine in the US. Come experience a new type of rejuvenation today.
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