Hair Restorations

PRP is the latest scientific treatment for hair restoration. As explained and studied by the Foundation, cell therapy is the solution. Over the past few years, cell therapy- in the form of growth factors, cell multiplication, and stem cells- have been the hottest area of potential innovation in many areas of medicine. Hair growth is no exception, and potential is now reality.

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy, consist in using the patient’s own blood which is centrifuged to separate out this special component.  Rich in growth factors and platelets (one of the human body’s most potent mediators of healing), PRP is applied to the scalp in several ways to help in the treatment of hair loss.

Also, as a stand-alone treatment, PRP has been shown to help in around 30% of individuals with male and female pattern hair loss to help slow down the hair loss process, even making finer vellus hairs thicker and lighter hairs that have lost their pigment darker.

  • Added to the scalp where hairs are transplanted, decreasing bleeding and bruising, accelerating healing, and reducing shock hair loss, meaning patients look better sooner after the procedure
  • Speeding up and increasing the percentage of transplanted hair growth

Come in to the office to discuss your hair concerns. Dr. Suarez will evaluate your hair and damage to your cells. As a full diagnostic treatment, Dr. Suarez will determine what solution is needed. At Pinecrest Medical Spa, we care about treating the problem, not just covering it up. PRP could be the answer to your hair problems.