Prima Diva Eye Lashes

Waking up with beautiful, longer and fuller lashes starts your day off right. If you want sexier lashes, Prima Diva is the perfect solution. We customize your lash extensions based on your desires and compliment your facial features.

Prima Diva Lashes’ naturally tapered synthetic extensions are made of premium quality cotton-polyester fibers. They are individually bounded to a natural lash, making them look longer and fuller. They are professionally applied lashes retain their length and bounce day after day, for up to two months! It is a safe, simple painless process and takes half the time of the current mainstream lash products.

In a consultation, we will help you choose the perfect look for you and answer any questions. The lashes come in a variety of lengths, thicknesses, gradations, and colors. Each style is unique and the lash technician can modify them at your request. We even offer the Glitza line, a dazzling range of fashion-forward lashes, including colored highlights, luxurious mink, feathered lashes, and multi-colored Swarovski crystals.

They stay in place whether you’re sleeping, exercising, showering or even swimming! We use the most effective adhesive on the market, with long lasting odorless glue for sensitive clients.